• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    Can I use cross -border e -commerce on the tablet?


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Can I use cross -border e -commerce on the tablet?”
    1. Of course, even cross -border e -commerce, you need to log in to the webpage or APP. So as long as you can log in normally, you can use cross -border e -commerce. Cross -border e -commerce is not only available on a computer, and tablets or mobile phones can be operated.

    2. Any software, as long as it is an Android system, it can be installed on a tablet computer, but whether it can be used by your environment is allowed to use it, but I think it is usually available.

    3. i. Internet, QQ, email, Weibo, news, forum

      WIFI wireless Internet should be the basic function of the tablet. Many tablets can also connect 3G wireless Internet cards through USB to 3G Internet access, such as Taipower The T720VE has a USB HOST socket directly. Plug in the 3G network card directly to browse WCDMA, TD, Telecom Tianyi 3G network. There are also some tablets directly built-in 3G network support. For example, Taipower's T720-3GE has its own telecommunications Tianyi EVDO network support. The convenient Internet access function is the core value of the tablet. The tablet can use the built -in Chrome browser to browse the web to watch news, on the forum, blog on the computer. QQ, it is quite convenient to browse Weibo or use Weibo on Weibo.

      ii. Look at the e -book

      The tablet computer can also replace the e -book. At present, there are a large number of reading software in the Android software market, and the e -book format supports is richer than a dedicated e -book. You can always find a suitable reading software. In contrast, the processing capacity of the tablet is more powerful. In addition, the support of the network can easily realize online reading, and the convenience is better than e -books. The sharp decline in the price of tablet computer is almost the same as a special e -book, so it is a very good choice to read e -books with a tablet computer.

      iii. Playing the game

      Playing games is a strong point of tablet computers. Now there are a large number of game software to download the online and Android markets. The number of chess and card games, connecting games, action games, intellectual games, etc. are like crossing the river, which can fully meet the needs of game fans. It is usually very good to use free time. Moreover, the development speed of the tablet game market has a great momentum that has stamped the traditional game market.

      iv. Watching video, listening to music

      audio and video playback, online on -demand, etc. are also the functions of tablet computers. Movies, using wireless or 3G networks to online on -demand videos or movies are also very simple, and tablet computers often have a larger screen than MP4. It is obviously more enjoyable to watch a large blockbuster. With a tablet computer, you can save MP3/MP4 overhead, and can also enjoy entertainment relaxation comfortably.

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