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    How to play for children's chess


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Children's chess tactics

      1. Bingchain attacks its roots.

      2. Sometimes the existence of lone soldiers is a good situation.

      3. Wang Qianbing should not move lightly.

      4. After the promotion of the soldiers, the democratic thought of the West reflected.

      5. The queen's kiss is fatal.

      6. The starting king value is one point, which is in a protected state. Three points of the stability king, you can go to the royal driving.

      7. The start of three principles: Quickly out of the child, occupying the center, and the king transferred to a safe place.

      8. The opening encyclopedia is for children. The chess road is ever -changing, and the beauty of use is full of intentions.

      9. Beginners should not fall into the nest of the so -called situation -type Yiqi. They should master the skills of Yunzi and the King of attack in fierce attack and killing.

      10. Beginners should start from an open situation, and Italy starts the first choice.

      11. Take a step out of the game, or adjust your formation as a must, not necessarily the tricks are killing.

      12. The start of Spain, Bai Shi should keep the center's tense state and use the white elephant side wings to attack the king.

      13. In Sicily's defense, the white side attacked Wang Yi, and the back wing of the black side counterattacked.

      14. Crab eye image and dragon -like defense are a calm and conservative lower method.

      15. Chinese chess belongs to strategy type, and chess is a powerful war type.

      16. This (chess) is a wooden fox.

      17. Although the chess is the trail, the morality is the most honorable.

      18. Chess products are like character. The character is divided into high, and chess products are the same as the depth.

      19. Shenggu is happy, and you are also glad.

      20. The good players attack their hearts and siege the city as the bottom;

      21. With a positive combination, wins with strangeness.

      The method of teaching children to learn chess

      The affirmation of parents is the motivation for children to continue to move forward.

      The child who is learning chess needs to be sure. If he goes to a chess piece, a graphic, and eating a pawn, he can get a timely affirmation of his parents, which will greatly enhance the child's self -confidence and interest. This is definitely not an abstract praise, it is a packaging of specific behaviors without any emotional color. What is great, too good, too good, too powerful, too abstract, you can't really start the child's action. It must be able to solidify good behavior and accumulate good behavior, and it will develop good habits. The ability of all aspects will improve, and the level of chess power has naturally improved.

      The best learning method is practice and teaching others.

      If parents will not be in international chess, letting children go home as a "little teacher". When the child told his parents how to play this game, it was his best learning opportunity. This process allowed children to review, sort out, and summarize the knowledge they learned, and then transform into their own understanding, and express them in language, exercise the child's language organization ability, interaction ability, logical thinking ability, and stimulate the child's potential.

      Is all want children to study and listen carefully. When we are students in front of children, we must give children a good example. Teaching is not as good as teaching, and examples are the simplest education methods.

      Mrending to play children's games with children.

      The children who just started playing were not international chess, but eating children's games. This is in line with the law of children's learning. The so -called playing chess is not just to win the opponent's king to win me. There are many entertainment methods to play international chess with children. For example, eight soldiers fight, who will win who will rise first; jump games, soldiers do not move, find the minimum steps of all soldiers who eat the horse; and many more. In various games, children are proficient in the way and characteristics of chess pieces in various games, and feel the fun of chess.

      The focus on rules and dilute or losses.

      A many parents (especially parents who can play chess) to play chess with their children, they can't wait to tell the children what they should, what to eat, and what to pay attention to. , I can't help but interfere immediately. Such a "help" will impose the thinking of adults on the child. One to destroy the child’s imagination and creativity, and the second to destroy the child's ability to think independently. Confidence.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Chinese chess must have a way to go: the horse goes to the sun, like walking the field. The car went straight to the mountain. The scholar goes to the side guard. The small sword will not return. 2. Advanced method: The generals goes horizontally in Tanaka, and they will become a chess player. (Refers to the generals who cannot leave the Jiu Palace, and can only go straight to one grid.) Scholars walk on both sides to protect the generals not far away. (Refers to the scholars who cannot go out of the nine palaces, and they can only walk on the line.) Similar to the field diagonal, there is no son in Tanaka. (Refers that you cannot cross the river, and you ca n’t leave when you are blocked when you walk.) The pony Japanese characters are on the corner. (Refers to the horse go to the sun, but you can't leave when you are stunned.) The old car is erected horizontally. (Refers to the car that the car can be left freely as long as it is horizontal and vertical.) The artillery can also be left horizontally, so that you can eat your opponent. (Refers to the same method of the artillery as the car, but you must eat it everywhere when you eat it.) The soldiers can only go forward, and the river can go left and right. (Refers to the soldiers step by step, only if you can't go in, you can walk around the river.) Each son meets his opponents on the road, and you must prevent your opponent when you eat. The generals of the eaters shouted the general, and the chess was not angry.

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