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    Pok cities' game characteristics


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Pok cities' game characteristics”
    1. The anti -cheating mechanism is the main game characteristics of Polk City. When the player enters the game, it randomly matches the seat, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of cheating in the game.
      In addition to the unique anti -cheating mechanism of Parker City Platform, another major feature of the game is fast -paced. Players only need to click to start without waiting for other players to experience the game in time.
      each game of Park City Platform can be randomly obtained in each game. You can get a large number of ingots or vouchers in the game to complete the task. You can also get other activity vouchers. The ingots obtained by the player's task can be exchanged for prizes, and various vouchers for task activities can participate in various activities.
      Pick city chess and card game platform proposed the concept of 3D chess and card games in 2011. The 3D chess and card game "Athletic Life" and "Harbin Mahjong" launched in 2012 are all created by 3D technology. After the game is launched, it is greatly recognized by players. In the later period, most of its products were updated from the previous 2D screen to 3D screen.

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