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    Software tester salary


    Sep 22, 2022

    In Taiyuan, Shanxi, the salary level of software testers is the same. What is the difference between programmers?

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    1. Not in Shanxi and Shaanxi. The salary of second-tier cities should be about 1-2k lower than the following, but it is relatively high than other industries.
      The monthly salary of primary functional test engineers is 8K yuan-10k yuan, and intermediate functional test engineers with several years of experience are 10k yuan -12k yuan. The monthly salary of the junior interface test engineer is between 8k yuan and 10k yuan. After accumulating several years of experience, the monthly salary of the intermediate interface test engineer can get 10k yuan to 18k yuan.
      The salary of primary performance test engineers is between 10k yuan and 12k yuan. After working for a period of time to be promoted to intermediate performance test engineers, they can get a monthly salary of 12k to 20K yuan. I have accumulated rich experience and further promoted to advanced performance test engineers, that is, after the system tuning architect, the monthly salary is 20K to 35K yuan. The monthly salary of primary automation test engineers is 10k yuan-15K yuan, and some experienced intermediate automation test engineers have accumulated some experience at 15K yuan-20K yuan. If the code is well learned, they can also be a test development engineer. The monthly salary is 20K yuan-25K-25K Yuan.
      The above is the salary of the software test engineer for the technical route. If the management route is taken, the salary of the primary software test engineer is 6K-8K yuan, which has accumulated some experience and has the basic management knowledge and ability. It can be promoted to the software test team leader, with a salary of 10k-15K yuan. If you have higher management capabilities, after some years of accumulation, you can be promoted to test manager and get a salary of 15K-25K. If you yearn for higher positions, you can accumulate more experience in work, not only software testing, but also experience in communication and collaboration with software development and other departments to prepare for further promotion. When you understand some of the work content of other departments, you can be promoted to the project manager and product manager and strive for 35K salary.

    2. From the perspective of first-tier cities, most people who have just entered the software test industry generally start with primary test engineers. Generally, some basic functional test work is done. The monthly salary is about 6K-8K. Technical routes and management routes.
      If you want to take the technical route in the future and improve your skills, then you can learn automated testing, performance testing, interface testing, so that you can engage in testing in the corresponding direction. The monthly salary of automation test engineers and interface test engineers is generally about 15K-25K, and the monthly salary of performance test engineers is about 18-25K. These positions are very scarce talents.
      has accumulated a few years of experience, you can advance to advanced test engineers and get a monthly salary of about 20K-30K. If you understand some development-related knowledge, you can be competent for the test architect and have a monthly salary of 20K-40K. If you can make a top level in the test industry, then you can be promoted to test expert positions and get a monthly salary of 50K .

    3. This problem is a bit like the high salary of the striker and goalkeeper on the football field.
      The positions of both positions are important, but on average, programmers should be higher.

      It is like a forward scoring, and there are many opportunities to make the heads. Programmers are more likely to achieve results.
      , especially really top talents are generally more willing to be developers.

      The skill level of senior testers is also high. You need to understand programming and automated testing.

      It feel that programmers are more deeper in terms of specialization, and testers know more about business knowledge than programmers.

      of course, in general, as long as you are awesome, the champion is out, the testor's salary can also be very, very high.

    4. The junior testers are more than 2,000, which is lower than the primary programmers programmers. If it is just a black box test, it is basically two thousand. I want to do a good job of testing, pressure testing, white box testing, etc.

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