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    What chess games


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. 1. Tencent Chinese Chess

      Tencess Chinese chess is a casual WeChat game. The interface is beautiful and the function is clear at a glance. Chinese chess is a well -known game in our country. With the Chuhe and Han realm, the two sides are fighting, the red side is handsome, and the black side is the general. Very difficult game.

      Tencent Chinese chess is an online chess game. You can click through the barrier. There are many modes in it. You can choose to play. Of course, you can also play the full version of chess and click on other modes. Of course, you can also take a look at some of the chess skills published by others to help you improve your ability to play chess. The functions are very complete.

      2. Battle of Wuzi Chess

      "The Battle of Five Son Chess" is a WeChat game of leisure and wisdom. Wuzi Chess is a traditional ancient chess skills. The five -son chess game skills are changeable, and there are many rules. Let's take a look together! 1. When entering the game, we can see the green background of the "Battle of the Five Son Chess" games, let us enter that kind of free state. There are three modes of the "Battle of the Five Son Chess" to choose from challenges, single players, doubles, watching mode. 2. According to the game of "Battle of the Five Sons" you have learned, understand the methods of various games, and choose the favorite mode for the game. 3. After entering the game interface. You can start playing. Through the understanding of the "Classic Edition of the Five Sons" and the skills of playing. Play with your opponent to play chess and exercise your way of thinking. You can also better grasp the initiative in the game. "Battle of the Five Son Chess" is a very creative puzzle game. You can make an appointment with like -minded friends to share chess together

      3. Checked battle

      The new 3D checked mini -game makes the game experience more realistic and more fun. I believe that everyone's childhood time has played checkers. However, with the advancement of science and technology, you can play a checked game directly on your mobile phone. Let's experience it together to relive the beautiful game time of childhood. After entering the game, the two sides held their own chess and started the game once. Players controlled checkers. They needed to put all their chess pieces into the opponent's camp, and the results of the game. Of course, the same is true of the other party, a confrontation of the mind. The chess pieces can jump with the help of the chess pieces. Among them, players have to think about the experience, open the brain hole, and jump up.

    2. The dragon chess
      is as shown in the figure.
      The ruling rules of chess recruits "Dragon":
      The dragon walking path is vertical and horizontal folding lines, no distance, chess on the path, and the vertical starting point can only be the right oblique. The horizontal starting point can only be oblique, see another picture.
      The "dragon" of this chess can be adjacent to the general (handsome), equivalent to chess.
      Per other chess.
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    3. It is the most complicated chess game. Top chess players and artificial intelligence duels, but repeatedly defeated

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    5. The landlord, the game is played by three people. The one represented by the person who finished the card won, and the confrontation and coordination are strong. Mahjong class, each person holds 13 cards in his hand, and by eating cards, touching cards, touching, barbarians, etc. Chinese checkers can play with a computer one by one, or more people can play together. There are many choices for difficulties. Players can choose according to their preferences.

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