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    Why is the phenomenon of "reposting benefits" in the circle of friends, and even some people know that they are fake?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The gourd baby in the country has never seen Ultraman in the city!
      The city road is too slippery, let's go to the village to play!

      The "welfare forwarding" why so many people would rather believe it, the main reason is not the "too stupid" person, but the "scammer" technique is high. I have made "homework" for the current online shopping and intended to be a group:
      1. I cleverly rely on WeChat's reposting and communication functions.
      This "welfare forwarding" is not unique to WeChat! It is just that the WeChat forwarding function is more powerful, and most of WeChat reposts are friends who often communicate, so "credibility" is better!

      and this "welfare forwarding" products are not necessarily all times, or the quality and price of some physical stores around us are high. So I believe that before the "hook", at least a few people see the experience of "vowing"!

      A few days ago, my daughter and her friends bought the bloated ball for hydroponic flower pots and hydroponic plants through this "WeChat forwarding". The price is not only cheap, but also The flower pot is more beautiful than our physical store!

      . The people who are used to "WeChat forwarding" are known to be fake. One is the habitual click forwarding right as a "blog click rate" game; The second is in case it is true? I have nothing to lose anyway?

      Is the main reason why WeChat can get angry on WeChat is that WeChat first is a public exchange media tool. Recommend online shops and forwarding advertisements through friends in the circle of friends or often contact, high credibility and fast transmission speed. I don't know how much better than Taobao and JD. Although they have also tried to give their transactions to similar social functions, the effect is always far worse!
      The "welfare forwarding" is to borrow the advertisements and promotion of micro -shops and promote the public dependence. In the way of reposting, confuse the audiovisual and seduce others to be fooled!

      The "welfare forwarding", the most powerful, most terrible place is that the entire process is similar to normal online shopping, unlike most of the "fraud". "and many more. They are just "selling" low -quality grounds, and the stalls of the ground are cheaper and cheap than some of the various physical stores in life. So some people use "really say good." This is an important reason why "welfare forwarding" is difficult to distinguish!

      The on the stall I know. His goods are from this kind of "welfare forwarding", not micro -quotient, nor a regular online shopping wholesale channel! The reason why he chose and trust: easy evolution, many tricks, cheap! More importantly, the first attempt was not "deceived"!

      It this "welfare forwarding" is very similar to the promotion and preferential advertisements of online stores, so it is naturally confusing.

      4. Poor aiming for the public network security and the weakness of online shopping experience.
      The "virus" to the mobile phone every day, watching "Trojan virus and hacker" every day, "cheating money", but do not know that your click forwarding function itself may activate the Trojan virus, which may cause mobile phones and computer poisoning! So everyone should have more security awareness. This will blindly forward the information of strangers. The recruitment is sooner or later!

      The tricks of "welfare forwarding" and "payment" are some people. Satisfaction can be rejected directly! I don't know if you don't need to pay the postage of refusal itself!

      In short, no matter what, greedy is cheap, online shopping is not a cheap picture, the wrong thing is that we have not enough online shopping experience, or the experience comes from the indirect indirect of others. experience.
      I online stores, in simple terms, the physical store has moved to the Internet. The physical store has quality and bad quality, and natural online stores are available; physical stores have good service quality, and online stores naturally have it!
      It online stores, most of the reason for most of the favor is the "third -party supervision" -the receipt of goods and re -payment, fast complaint acceptance, solve more tendency to users; and Taobao's popular flashback. Therefore, product quality and service quality are more secure than physical stores. The essence of the "welfare forwarding" in the previous "welfare forwarding" is not regulated. Online shopping behavior and so -called self -employed behavior are the advantages of throwing away the online shopping. They follow the "old road" of the original physical store: it can be as strict as request for others!
      So I suggest as an old driver of my shopping cart:
      1, online shopping selects third -party supervision. As for the authenticity that everyone is worried about, it is not clear at once, and can only accumulate and learn experience.
      2, more collection, compare!
      I I have less money, and I usually collect it for half a year or a year. I do n’t buy it! It's not for no reason, I don't buy it!

    2. There are more and more problems with the WeChat circle of friends, especially now there are many publicity advertisements on WeChat, and the attention of deceiving people with false and false fakes. After many times, some people have been deceived recently. After reading it, I feel that the WeChat circle of friends is really becoming more and more chaotic. I really need to start governance.

      Recently there is a lady, because seeing the advertisement in her circle of friends is a so -called reposting with benefits. The ground was spread out, and at the same time lost money by herself, this kind of thing made the lady very sad. This matter has caused a lot of people's discussions, mainly because everyone has a question. Why is there more and more benefits for the circle of friends now? Some people know that they are fake?

      It this problem is first of all, the mentality of the people's circle of friends. For example, after seeing a benefit of reposting, it is not very believed, but it is always possible to try it. At the same time, after reposting Spending a little money [Generally tens of yuan] can get the so -called benefits. Even if it is deceived, it is not large, but in case of real benefits, you can make it by yourself.

      . There is another reason that the content seen in the WeChat circle of friends was sent by my friends. Therefore, although there are some doubts, I feel that the content of my friends should not have too much problem Essence Under such a trustworthy mentality, some people will start to forward and hope to get some benefits. In the end, I spent money, because I was my own friend, and I was embarrassed to do tens of dollars, so I was gone.

      . Another situation is that the repost in the circle of friends is deceived by welfare. I feel that I am deceived, and I will inevitably be angry, but there is no way to vent. Such people will retaliated with some information about the scammers, and there are also many people who retaliate. Based on these situations, everyone should understand why the phenomenon of welfare in the circle of friends is very common, and some people know the reason why it is fake! In fact, it is simpler, which is the phenomenon caused by greed, fluke, and revenge!

    3. It is difficult to have a free lunch, but it is not necessarily not there. Otherwise, where does it come from Taobao? Where does so many red envelopes on Alipay come from? Since there is such a successful case, it has contributed to this idea that we may have "may have", and the probability is low, but in case it really is beautiful?
      The first reason is that many people think that it is just reposting in the circle of friends. It does not require too much cost. Even if it is useless, it will be deleted. And the chaos of the circle of friends is also known to everyone. The fake one has become a film, so will you care more about a fake thing? It is definitely not possible. I hardly look at the circle of friends now. Generally, I go to a regular website to find some content I want.
      Except for the above reasons.
      The second reason is: from publicity, that is, seeing so many people forwarded, would it be true, so we also followed it ~
      It has been taught by junior high school, and we have also been warned not to be too many, or have our own ability to identify and judge, however. Essence Essence At any time, it is difficult for us to get rid of this heart, especially the popularity of the Internet is too powerful. I seem to be inseparable from this word, although I also tried to warn myself to have a unique lifestyle. Essence Essence Soft!
      The third reason for the end. I do n’t know if everyone wants to listen. This is a vital point, that is -killing!
      The method of this trick is extremely effective and yin poison, uncomfortable! I thought you were the people around me, so you wouldn't you poison me? sorry, baby, you are so innocent ~ (Sorry for your baby, you are too naive ~)
      If I really get the money, then you will be very happy if you can't get it, and you will have a sense of victory! Who makes you stupid than me ~
      If I didn't get the money, then I was embarrassed. In order to balance my careful eyes, I would also pull you down the water, so don’t blame me The possibility of the possibility causes the illusion that we may have welfare, in fact. Essence Essence Thinking about it is very important, step by step is to trap and trap, some of which are specially set for you ~
      so, you need to be careful, you need to be cautious!

    4. This has a certain relationship with people's cognition. Many people think that forwarding is just a matter of success. There is no cost, and it does not consume time and energy. On this basis, there is a certain probability of winning a prize. Therefore This kind of forwarding link will naturally accept it without hesitation. After frequent exposure to the existence of reposting and receiving benefits, people who have become accustomed to the repost operation of the circle of friends will not deliberately refuse. Over time, it has formed a habitual operation. It is for the benefit, so today's forwarding is largely done.

      In facts know that the so -called benefits are just worthless promotions, but people's desires are not limited. All things that can be available at hand will not hesitate to choose to accept. Moreover The possible benefits that are possible do not need to pay any costs. Under the influence of this psychological, the reposting and receiving benefits of the circle of friends have formed a certain climate, and it has even risen to the height of the social phenomenon, but no matter what it is The cause of the cause will not have a substantial impact on everyone's social habits.

      of course, the WeChat account that provides a forwarding link is more of a merchant behavior to achieve the purpose of propaganda. In fact, this is also a reason for everyone to choose to forward. Whether or not they can obtain benefits through forwarding, as long as they understand the merchant's goods and services, they can also be used as a reference for future consumption. Therefore You can read the content of its activities when necessary, which is also a form of expression of consumption habits.

      In forwarding links, you can have the opportunity to obtain benefits, but also understand more product information. This is a kind of mentality for those who like to socialize. It is not important to really have benefits, because everyone has formed such a browsing habit in the circle of friends. Even if there are certain risks, they will not consider too much at the moment of determining the repost. After all, they will not suffer from economic losses. Moreover, most of the false reposts are known after being exposed afterwards.

    5. Today, WeChat has gradually flew into the mobile phones of the people. The phenomenon of "reposting benefits" is very common, and some are even false content.

      In someone knowing that it is fake and willing to forward, and achieved a part of the bad purpose of people. First of all, the cost of forwarding to the circle of friends is relatively low, and people are holding an enthusiastic intestine. It can be said that it can be done by moving your fingers. Secondly, free benefits are often "seductive". Corruption is the common problem of most people in itself, especially the use of WeChat's users has spread to middle -aged and elderly people, which has increased the trend of forwarding. In the end, you can also achieve the little attention in the circle of friends, so that friends will forward the trend and consume the circle of friends.

      In the finals, in the era of rapid development of information exchange, there are many information on the Internet every day, some are real, some are deliberately compiled, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false by personal ability. Everyone can be the publisher of the information. It is the emergence of fake information hidden in the Internet world. People should be more vigilant, improve cultural literacy, and maintain a sober mind. Do not be the spread of rumors. They are obsessed with the world, helping to abuse, and even violate the law. The wise does not buy rumours.

      Is remember that there will be no pie in the sky. Any information with free words is "sugar -coated cannon". Do not trust at will. When you encounter content that you cannot distinguish, you should have more with your family. Discuss, don't follow the trend blindly, do not lose, avoid the situation of small loss.

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